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Yes, Marni, with this purchase I know I'm getting an amazing opportunity to find out:
  • Exactly where and when I'm sending out negative energy to quality men so that I can attract the amazing man I desire.
  • Why men don’t see me as girlfriend material so that I can be my most feminine and choose which great men I want to pursue me, adore me, and commit to me
  • The exact things I'm doing and saying that attract cheaters, emotionally unavailable guys, and commitment-phobes so that my friends ask how come I get all the good ones.
  • What I can do right now to turn around my love life so that I attract a smart, successful, emotionally available man for the relationship I’ve been looking for.
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The D-Factor Process is the #1 tool in the DWD arsenal with a ridiculous high success rate of women going from utterly un-dateable... to engaged.